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The ultimate snowbike conversion kit for Polaris AXYS and MATRYX snowmobiles (snowmobile not included). Our patented advanced snowbike conversion system ensures the most exciting experience in the mountains. The kit includes rails and is compatible with a chosen ski brand (not included). Order now and enjoy free shipping in North America and a 1-year limited warranty. Please note that the side panel protector is shown in the image but not included in the kit. Upgrade your snowmobile with the 2025 FULL Kit and experience the thrill of snowbiking like never before.

2025 FULL Kit | $ 3,720 USD

    • Will be ship in November 2024.

    • Shipping and handling fees included for North America.

    • Taxes will be in addition for Canadian residents.  No taxes will be invoiced to USA residents.

    • Compatible with the selected ski brand ( not included ).

    • We currently ship in North America, South America and Europe only. For Japan, please contact  All special inquiries are welcome, please make your request at

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