Frequently asked questions

What is EXO Sled?

EXO Sled allows snowmobile users to convert their snowmobile into a snowbike.

What is snowbiking?

Snowbiking combines the speed and agility of a dirt bike with the terrain capabilities of a snowmobile.

What are the benefits of the EXO Sled?

EXO Sled provides enhanced responsive handling, reliability, and the power of a snowmobile.

Which model is EXO Sled compatible with?

Polaris AXYS 2016 & up

Is it available for other snowmobile models?

It is unfortunately not currently available for other snowmobile models. Register to our newsletter and stay tuned about EXO Sled developments. Click here to register.

Which skis are compatible?

For optimal results, we recommend the Timbersled 2883418 ARO Kit, but you can choose any brands.

Do you ship international orders?

Yes we do. Additional fees will apply. Click here to view our policies.

For Japan, please visit


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