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What's new for 2023

  • Colors
 Polaris EXO Sled kits will be available in Black - Red  -  Green
 Ski-Doo EXO Sled NT kits will be available in Black this year.
  • Rear Suspension
Polaris EXO Sled kits comes with rails AXIS and MATRYX to optimize the weight distribution between the ski and the track without changing the approach angle of the track. You will get the full potential of your powerful snowbike.
Ski-Soo EXO Sled NT kits is engineered to be compliant with the original rear suspension 
  • Ski
EXO Sled is now compatible with MTN TOP Snowbike ski. We continue to offer you the possibility to meet your riding style with a Timbersled Mototrax or Yeti ski.
  • Dolly
Dedicated EXO Sled wheel kit is now free shipping
  • Currency
Our price is shown in US dollars. 
2024 Colors.jpg
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